Sunday, January 18, 2009

Looking for light, love & a soft place to land

This lamp is perfect for a certain client. She really doesn't like all the romantic swirls and ornamental embellishments on so many accessories right now. Her style is cleaner- less fussy with an art deco element. I was so happy this was a get.

Rug samples. Macy's is generally a good bang for the buck. A better than average style factor and good price points for general price concerned clients. Good success with Macy's for the most part for a lot of decorating needs. But, there are a lot of great shopping sources for cost effective shopping.

Rugs, Pillows, Lamp and Aaron modeling the pillow. As much as I'm tempted to say Aaron is my nephew- because that's what he feels like- he's actually my 2nd cousin. Aaron is famous in these parts- talk about a voice. And get this: He's so sweet and respectful. He's awesome and that's why someone has formed an actual fan club in his honor, it's a fact. There's just something about tenors... oh and yeah, love the pillow. Get> World Market.

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