Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finding light in unexpected places

I'm heading to Eugene for 3 days to assist someone choosing a new home. I won't be posting while I'm gone but will make up for my absence with fun pictures when I return. While gone I plan to visit my dear friend Joy Morin. Amazing woman, talent like you can't believe, sweet and oh so irreverent. Always fun and literally, always a joy.
Last night I stopped by my friend Laurie Cleveland's shop- Laurie's Antiques in Roseburg. We've been working on a project and we're very excited to show you what we've been up to but we have to wait for something first!
Be sure to look for Laurie's link to her awesome collection of fabric curtain panels, bags and more at frenchpalaceboutique.com The fabrics are to die for gorgeous. You won't find anything like these anywhere in the United States, she has them specially made in Europe.


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Jamie Mills-Price said...

Hey girl,
Love your pics...and just your whole blog is neat. When I grow up (okay, have a bit more time) I am going to redo mine to make it as cool as yours! lol Laurie's shop in Rsbg. sounds wonderful, I will check back for a link.

Colette George said...

I've added the link to Laurie's site with her gorgeous fabrics.
(blog date Jan 13.)