Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let's all go down to the river

Soap, Mary and Me

I've kindof become a dork for religious kitch and iconongraphy. Time spent in Mt. Angel and it's neighboring St. Benedict, a little monastery town on a nearby hilltop, is probably mostly responsible for this.
I came across this little dispenser in a cute little shop in San Luis Obispo, Ca. a couple of summers ago. I think I love all that it implies and how it reminds me to always aim for my best- even when doing the dishes.

Sometimes I feel more relative to those not professing a faith than I do with those that do. After years of spiritual abuse (none intentional I'm sure) I just couldn't see how I could ever "go there" again. Traditional church
. . .well, that simply was just not going to work. Still something inside of me longed for a return. But. . . what return could I make? "

Turns out, for me, Mary was a real good place to start.

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Halo Hill said...

AWESOME! We "get" each other! Yes, yes! (And don't I live in the coolest town)?