Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unconditional stamp of approval

Making a spiritual gift can be so simple. It just needs to come from the heart. These little wood rounds were collected by my dad when he worked at the local sawmill. They're just stamped and then attached by adding a bit of fun-tac to their backs. Fun-tac is a sticky adhesive substance, similar to gum, and is removeable. These are then pressed onto my cabinet edges.

Here is another fun thing I like to do that visitors seems to think is as inspiring as I do. Inside a beautiful picture frame place a printed loving verse. One year for Thanksgiving I placed the words "thank you" inside the frame and have never removed it.

Saying thank you often is one of the most powerful things we can do in our lives. When we finally realize we lose nothing by giving away our gratitude our lives become a piece of art, a masterpiece of goodwill and grace.

And, because kindness and thankfulness are closely linked, you can visit this link to create wonderful downloadable projects from Kind over matter. These wonderful people have taken it upon themselves to promote kindness whenever and however possible. I love that. Be sure to check them out here



icandy... said...

this is such a wonderful idea! simple yet, powerful and a constant reminder of the things that mean the most in life!!
thank you, i will be busy displaying my gratitude in unique creations today! :)
your kindness is contagious!!!
love you!!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog and what a wonderful post..
Thank you..
Keeps us all keeping on..
Thank you for visiting my blog..
Come back once again!
Hugs, Darlen

Colette George said...

Love you CJ! thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back here. Finally getting over being sick!

Darlen, thank you. I really enjoyed your blog and am going to be visiting you again very soon, thanks for your support.