Thursday, May 14, 2009

For fun my Hollywood Glam CHA

This is another job I did for Krylon for a CHA show. Been meaning to get this converted and posted for too long. A few weeks ago I was asked by another designer how in the world this all was prepared for shipping to the photographer to be then taken apart and then shipped to the show. In particular, the mirrored cabinet. Believe me, I spent plenty of time thinking about it. In the end, the mirrored panels on the cabinet were shipped flat and separate from the cabinet. This cabinet is old and heavy to begin with. I sent diagramed instructions for attaching the mirrored panels in a particular order so that strapping tape attachments wouldn't show. The need to reship after shooting made temporary attachment a necessity. I'm proud of this set but the mirrored cabinet is probably the most favorite thing I've ever done. Maybe. I will say this. It was my favorite one to have done. :0

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