Thursday, March 25, 2010


Kimberly Santiago, new book coming: "Collage Playground" North Light Books, F + W Publishing, due Fall of 2010, is collaborating with other artists on a project called "Differing Similarities". She has sent some of the things used in this piece and I'm adding things of my own as I go along. You can visit her on her blog here: She's on facebook, that's where we met, so be sure to friend her- and she's kind. Always a nice thing! find her here
This is the beginning of our project.

Here is another picture of just starting on a project.


Andrea said...

So very pretty!I love them.

Colette George said...

Thank you Andrea. In process still, will post pictures when done.

I have to tell you I loved the sheer fabric on the Barbie legs on your post! In fact, it was crazy because I have a picture of similar fabric- (oh so pretty, isn't it?) that i'd taken to post. It's so filmy and love the blue. Pop back in and you can see it soon.

Take Care,