Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grandma's sweet little June bugs!

Gabe celebrated his first birthday June 26th. (Hazel was born on the 5th, & we'll be doing this next year with her!) Gabe's little cake was so cute with little bees trailing all over it in the Winnie the Pooh theme. Our local Rays made them both but Gabe's little cake was made with less sugar and with a banana filling. They also dialed down the sugar in the frosting with real whipped cream. Thought that was so neat since he eats only blended fresh fruits and veggies that Ty and Amanda prepare. I wanted to share that new option with others here.

Hazel has no idea how much she is being protected here!!!...Ted is holding Gabe back from climbing right in there to investigate his first little cousin, this little person of interest! Gabe loves to grasp and squeeze things right now- not good for Hazel! ^g^


A bird in the hand said...

Gabe caught my eye. My family name is Gabriel. I used to be (still am) Colette Gabriel....

Happy Birthday, Gabe. And thank you, Colette, for your thoughtful comment on my blog.


Colette George said...
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Colette George said...

I totally love that your last name is Gabriel!! that is the coolest and I remember having seen that a long time ago somewhere in my online travels!
Love you blog and your work!!