Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stone walls in progress

Above: A sample spot of the nearly completed wall
What's left is to add a suggestion of block stones and trimming out the narrow framed wall insert. (to the right of this wall and shown better in the 4th picture from the top) Thinking hemp covered at first but believe we'll go with a contemporary, perhaps french-inspired, fabric to tie colors together.
Above: Another paint adjustment. Adding more of the beige this time creating a slightly darker mixture. Building depth. Roller again, and also now using a brush randomly.

Above: This is using a roller dipped in "whitened down" paint. I poured white into a plastic bag covered tray, rollered the paint partially off, then hit the walls randomly.

Above, 2nd Shot: Base Color. Johannah gets to work doing some trim.
I'm kindof everywhere including taking pictures and painting the mocha-ish alcove area. The color of the alcove is now Alexandria Beige/ Pottery Barn. Johannah (pronounced Yo-hawna") owns this shop and does such inspired, creative things with hair. Really and truly, I kid you not. This gal makes my hair look so good. I always get compliments and believe me it's nothing I do that makes it look great- she's fabulous. She'll probably kill me for posting a picture of her here so get a good look. I may have to crop the picture once I tell her it's on here. But, for now she stays.
Note in above picture the little wood area on the right previously housed thin shelving. A fabric covered bulletin board will be installed instead.

First shot: Before
Victorian wallpapered walls in a little beauty shop.Tired and from the 80's. The major transformation calls for the simple use of interior housepaint, a roller and bristle brush. I'll get more pictures when I finish up and post them right away.
Another great fun thing: Johannah and I barter- she cuts and does "whatever" in the way of hair, and I decorate for her. Isn't that groovy?

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