Saturday, April 25, 2009

Class: Sharing, Learning & Creating

I can't wait to show you what else Pam did with little project above- sooo cute and sooo sweet! I got to see it the other day but it's not quite finished. I'll post it as soon as I get a picture from her very soon- it's super cool!

Sweet little Inge- always so creative and such a kind soul. . .

Though this a Techniques class and not a "make and take" class persay - Penny decided to create something anyway- and why not!!! Pam and Inge decided to follow suit. And so the little samples here shows just a few of the techniques just learned. Special artist mention props! The little blue dotted line is a technique I learned at a class with Lynn Whipple, an artist extraordinaire. She's fabulous and here is her link!

I shared many of my most fun techniques like Paper Towel Ageing / transfers with photos, creating aged mirrors, & surface dimensional techniques with texture mediums, "Inkspotting", etc. Students also learned other techniques like Packaging Tape Tranfers, Rusting, Easy Spattering, Color washing/ Glazing that have been around the barnyard a while. And, because I work with Krylon so much I thought it would be fun to share some of the many craft sprays like Webbing, Hammered effects, texturizing spray, and some that I've reinvented for other uses like "Make it Pearl" for aged venetian glass effects.

Pam got so excited by the things she was doing that as soon as she got home she kept working on her little project and has taken it to the next level. It looks AWESOME! I stopped in yesterday and saw it and I can't wait to post it. She has promised a picture soon so I can show you all here.
And, what you don't know about Pam is that she owns very sucessful brick & mortar bead stores- One in Ashland, one in Canyonville, Or. and an online bead store called Bead Mecca- this girl has got it going on! Check out her site on the sidebar link. "Bead Mecca"
This class is being repeated on Sat. May 2 10:00 am. Call Belinda at (541) 863-446 to register or email me at:

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