Tuesday, November 11, 2008

when you embrace life everything follows

I have a little story.
A beautiful box came my way. I'm doing the dishes and look outside my window and there's this little box ". . . hum, what could that be? Could it be a birthday present? Nahhhh, that's not it..humm. Well, I brought it in immediately seeing it was from my kind and sweet & oh so talented Tonia. How cool is that, I mean seriously. My heart began to beat a just a little faster. Out slid the little folded paper with the sweetest little love note.

And then. I opened the box.

And then there was another- but this one was a purple stunner. ..hum???
Have you ever gotten goosebumps when opening a box? It's a most pleasant sensation and highly recommended.

". . . why, this is peculiar." I had just been thinking about Paris and then, all of a sudden I'm reading something from Paris with instructions on how to consume the lovely treats - from - get this- Paris!
"....hummmm that's funny?"

but "consume"? Never.

Well, ok, maybe just one. I swoon but wait- there's more. I could cry, the beauty of the timing and everything else.

Naughty naughty and oh so nice YOU are. Bless my soul? You sure did.
Sweet Love & Paris. What a fit.

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