Sunday, October 28, 2007

Off the Streets designs

Off the Streets was a small manufacturing company created as a way of keeping my disabled sister from homelessness. I designed things, Donette would then decoupage images onto pots or canvases etc. Those items would then be picked up and finished off in my studio with plaster, stain and the rest of things needed. She stamped countless tags and went through so much Elmers Glue! (I doubt she can ever look at Elmers the same.) These pots are a just a small sample of a few made by my sister. Aren't they pretty, and didn't she do a nice job? At times it was a huge struggle, there's no denying that. I'll post other Off the Street items that were sold. Eventually I was approached by a sales rep from Paper Tramps and Sandra began making sales on our behalf throughout the state of Oregon, into California (and southern Wa.) I'm happy to report Donette is now independant, a volunteer herself and we talk almost everyday.

These pots and other things from Off the Streets boutique collections made their way as projects into a book I wrote a few years ago called Fresh Ideas in Decoupage by North Light books. (Available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon or by contacting me at

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