Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hallways on my mind

Travertine, a little limestone and a little chocolate colored marble.
Love it, Derek Martin from Eugene did a great job!

You may have noticed the label on this post is "Don't DIY and here are all the reasons why." You can be sure this category will be filled to the brim. Though I love home decor and generally everything involved in it I wish I could say the same thing for my husband. Poor guy. Stay tuned. We like to say Ted can build a deck in a decade as opposed to dad- who could build a deck in a day (and I'm sure he did at some point.) If I get the courage I may post the washer incident. (Can someone say backwoods, redneck hillbilly laundry?... and then there's the sofa, and the water filtration system, oh yeah and the water heater, and the flooring (which time?) You may be getting the picture. . .) Did I tell you he's a great golfer? An athlete par excellance and, he does look pretty snappy in a pair of shorts- so there's that.

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