Sunday, January 4, 2009

and the star-tard award goes to. . .

Yesterday when picking up enormous mirrors from the recycle center (for a song with the caveat "you haul it") my loving and helpful husband (but let's not get carried away) placed them into the truck bed one at a time. When I happened out of the building and found myself back at the truck there he was walking around in the back of the truck standing on the padding - thereby standing on the first mirror (!!) and trying to lay the next larger size over top of that... $%^&*( jeez lord, holy! mutha- dear lord! YOU"RE STANDING ON THE MIRROR!!! I yelled.
...whoops. Well guess what? The mirror didn't budge or break into tiny little pieces. How's that for living the dream!?! I knew those mirrors were nice and worth every penny of the 9.00 total I paid for the 2 of them! crazy huh?

New mirrors & a new old frame- will be working this frame over with THE most awesome new paint from Krylon- Oil Rubbed Bronze from the Brushed Metallics line- LOVE IT, you will too. It's Krylon's match for Venetian bronze. If you're using that metallic finish in faucet handles, knobs, light fixtures - this is truly for you.

pictures to come

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